Google Search Results Will Now Show Events in India

Google will now help you in finding out the events happening around you and then choosing the perfect one to spend your time! All you need is to search from Google app or mobile web browsers.

Complete Guide on Using Backup and Sync Tool to Upload Folders, Photos and Documents

Google recently introduced a unified desktop solution for uploading your photos & documents. We take a close look at setting up and using Backup & Sync tool to upload Folders, Photos and Documents.

Fix YouTube Comments by Replacing It with Reddit Comments

YouTube is not known for the most civil comments. It spews a lot of spam & hate. Fix this by replacing the Youtube comments with Reddit comments.

How to Add Multiple Email Aliases to Your Gmail Account

Interested in sending emails from multiple email addresses you own from the default account? This is how you add multiple email aliases in Gmail.

How To Auto Close Downloads Bar In Google Chrome

Are you constantly annoyed by the downloads bar in your Google Chrome browser that stays there until you manually close it? Well, here is a solution to automatically close downloads bar it when the downloads are done.

Google Unveils Hire, A Job Recruitment Tool

Google launches Google Hire, a brand new job recruitment tool to help employees and small and mid sized employers in the hiring process.

View & Manage Your Location History Using Google Maps Timeline

Did you know that there's a feature in Google Maps for documenting your location over the years? Use Timeline to view & manage your location history.

Google Maps New Update Suggests Ideal Time To Leave For A Place

You never have to worry about being late if you have the latest version of Google Maps installed on your Android phone

How to Go Incognito on Android Keyboard Using Gboard and SwiftKey

Are you concerned with privacy and password security? If you don't trust your OEM's keyboard go incognito on Android keyboard so none of your keystrokes are recorded.

Google Tests New Interface For Search And Adds New Feature To Keep

Google rolls out exciting new updates to Google search and Google Keep and is testing out new interfaces in search results.

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