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7 Best Apps for Kids Mental Health

7 Best Apps for Kids Mental Health

There is absolutely no doubt that health is wealth. Like physical health, mental health is of prime importance also. Several recent scientific studies have suggested that just like physical activity helps maintain physical health,...


6 Best Animation Apps for Android

Today computer animations are everywhere from small GIFs to cartoons, animated movies, Internet memes, computer and mobile games, and mainstream animated movies to just name a few. Computer animations have come a long way....


7 Cool Drawing Apps for Android

Drawing is one of the best and most creative ways to express yourself. It is a fun activity that engages your mind and motor skills. Smart devices have made it possible to draw anywhere...


How To Use Charts (Graphs) in Google Sheets

Charts, also known as graphs are a popular way of presenting numerical facts and figures. Charts belong to the category of visual data representation. They are preferred due to their ability to portray information...

3 Amazing Features of the Files App from Google

3 Amazing Features of the Files App from Google

All operating systems, mobile or desktop, rely heavily on file management for their efficient performance and device management. As a user of  Android, I always felt the need for an efficient and powerful file...


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