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The new design of Gtricks is now live after a close gap of 3 years. Please spend few minutes at the site and leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

New Responsive Design

Gtricks was last updated in 2012. In these 3 years, user behavior has changed drastically. More than 20% of site traffic comes from mobile devices. Clean design and clear typography has become strongest parameter for gaining user trust. Hence, I decided to redesign Gtricks keeping all the user preferences in mind.

From the basic understanding, you as a user expects a site to be:

  • Readable on all devices
  • Accessible on all browsers
  • Simple to use
  • Non-intrusive (no popups, pop-overs)
  • Pleasant experience

The new design covers all these expectations:

Readable on all devices:

Gtricks now follows Responsive approach, which displays different layouts to different devices based on their display width. We already had separate mobile site ( but now there is no need for different mobile site. Now the single url should work well on all the devices – mobiles, tablets, kindle, laptops and huge desktop screens.

Good typography is used to make reading more enjoyable. Each line will have maximum 80 characters and each paragraph will have maximum 8 lines. We have used Serif font family (Georgia and Times) with adequate distance between lines to reduce eye strain.


The new design is cross browser compatible – IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera is supported out of the box.

Simple to use

All the unnecessary links and sections have been removed. Now you can comment without making any account. Forum is also delinked from the blog. Vivid colors are removed from the sidebar for distraction free reading.

Non-intrusive (no popups and paywalls)

Never had never will.

Pleasant experience

The new design is light-weight and loads faster than the previous design. A fixed social bar is present on the right side making it easy to share articles. Also, when you reach at the bottom of the page, just click on the Google balls to scroll back to the top.

Check out complete design here.

If you find any design inconsistencies or have any feedback, please share in the comments below.

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I like the design. It’s simple and clean.
You have missed search in home page.

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