Gmail is the first email service provider that offered 1GB of storage in 2004, the time when people still used floppy disks. And now it has become worlds largest mail service provider with 900+ million users. Read more about Gmail from the Wikipedia.

In this category we write about various tricks to simplify and organize your email experience.

Quickest Way to Identify Spoofed Emails

It's crucial for users to identify spoofed emails from banks, private organisations & their workplace. Luckily there's a Gmail Labs feature to help with it.

Backup Call Logs & Text Messages to Gmail

Learn how to backup call logs & text messages effortlessly to your Gmail account using this free Android app.

How to Add Multiple Email Aliases in G Suite

It's important for many businesses to keep things like HR, advertising & other things separate. Here's how to create and manage multiple aliases in G Suite.

How to Add Multiple Email Aliases to Your Gmail Account

Interested in sending emails from multiple email addresses you own from the default account? This is how you add multiple email aliases in Gmail.

Create a Contact From the Email So Gmail Suggests it When You Type the Name

It's frustrating when Gmail does not add email ID when you type the name, because it is not yet saved. Here is a quick way to create contact from the email you received.

How To Schedule Gmail Emails For Free

In this post we will use an easy to use Google script to schedule Gmail emails. The script allows you to schedule emails for free without any limitations.

How To Recover Deleted Gmail Emails

If you have accidentally deleted emails in your Gmail account, there is no need panic. We will show you multiple ways to recover deleted Gmail Emails.

How To Recover Your Hacked Gmail Account

Think your Gmail account is hacked? In this article, you will find all the methods to recover your hacked Gmail account.

How To Keep Your Gmail Account Secure From Hackers

Concerned about your Gmail account security? In this post, we will show you 5 ways to keep your Gmail account secure from all hacking attempts.

2 Tools To Easily Send an Encrypted Email in Gmail

Here are two tools to send encrypted emails in Gmail. Both tools allow you send encrypted emails, but the second one comes with a twist.

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