Gmail is the first email service provider that offered 1GB of storage in 2004, the time when people still used floppy disks. And now it has become worlds largest mail service provider with 900+ million users. Read more about Gmail from the Wikipedia.

In this category we write about various tricks to simplify and organize your email experience.

How To Download Gmail Emails and View Them Offline in Your PC

You can download all your Gmail emails using the Google Takeout service. The emails can be viewed offline in your PC or imported in another email service.

How to Add Rich Text Email Signatures on Google Inbox

Its little absurd that Inbox by Gmail does not allow making rich text signature but you can paste the rich text in the basic signature box and it works. Use this workaround to use images, links and formatted text in Inbox signature.

Advance Way to Receive Gmail Notifications in Chrome

Gmail notifications are handy. They let you instantly know of new important messages. Here are 2 ways to get desktop notification for Gmail in Chrome.

How to Add Social Icons to Your Gmail Signature

Avoid the usual, plain text only signature in your Gmail and customize it with social icons that link to your different profiles. Useful to differentiate yourself among thousand of other senders and to increase your social reach

OtherInbox is a Standalone Store for Email Applications

Learn about tools and apps that you can use to do lot more with emails. The concept for email app store is new and we see the need for it. 

Browse Mails Quicker with Gmail Mouse Gestures

Just like touch gestures in Gmail mobile app, you can get mouse gestures for the desktop app. Keyboard shortcuts are always recommended, however if keys are not your cup of tea then try mouse gestures to quickly navigate through mails. 

Turn Your Gmail into To-Do Lists with Sortd [Detailed Guide]

Learn how to organize your Gmail Inbox by treating emails as to-do tasks. You can make different lists and add tasks to them by selecting your actionable mails. All possible with little neat extension called Sortd. 

Sure Shot Method to Get Anyone’s Contact Email Address for Free

Finding an email address for someone can take lot of guesswork. We devised 3 step process to cut down on this effort to get anyone's email id and that too for free.

Managing Mails this Holiday Season with “Inbox by Google”

 With features perfectly suited for the season, "Inbox by Google" could be your email assistant this time. Though it looks confusing at first sight, it is really helpful in getting things done. 

How to Check Validity of an Email Address

Worried you have a wrong email id? Or want to check validity in bulk for a huge mail list? Learn how  to verify email addresses with these simple and free tools.  

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