Gtricks Mission: To provide useful tricks and productivity tips on Google products, so you can work smarter and better.

We started Gtricks in 2007 with a simple idea that there is more to Google than meets the eye. Most of us use at least 5 Google products in our daily lives (try counting). Therefore, we felt a strong need for a blog which lists all the little-known tips and tricks of Google products.

Gtricks is an effort to make the most out of Google and its products.

We are neither affiliated nor sponsored by Google in any way. We are just fans trying to spread some pixie dust of Googleverse.

Abhishek mandloiAbhishek Mandloi is the founder of this blog. He is a Product Consultant by profession and an Engineer at heart. He helps Fortune 500 companies solve complex business problems by creating products that customers love and value.

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How it all started?
Back in 2007, Abhishek wrote a step-by-step guide for a friend on a Blogspot post. However, it helped many people on the internet. So, he started writing tutorials and anything that he found interesting.

Later, because of his love for Google, Abhishek started focusing only on Google products, then moved to Gtricks (as in Google Tricks) domain. Now the blog only publishes simple and useful tips on Google products.

We Promise to Deliver on NEVER. Believe it or not, we have set some high standards for ourselves.

  • We will never hide something from you. Never suggest something which we don’t believe in.
  • We will never leave a typographical error.
  • We will never fail to warn you about possible pitfalls.
  • We will never annoy you with popups.
  • We will never violate your confidence.

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