Google has become synonymous to search and was added as a verb by Oxford English dictionary in 2006. In this category we write about various life hacks that that you can do with search and post updates from Google as the company.

Google Expeditions Standalone App Launched

Google Expeditions is a standalone Android app. It could be used to virtually visit popular places around the world using a VR device.

Google Adds SOS Alerts To Maps And Search

Google will now send you SOS alerts if there is a natural disaster near your location. You can also search using Google to get relevant information

Establish Your Online Identity by Creating a Google Profile

Ranking high in search results & discoverability is important for new freelancers & small businesses. Here's how to easily create a Google profile.

Google Stores Screenshots Of Your Searches : How To Disable It

Google is now saving your search activity and the websites you visit from the Google search app as screenshots. Here is how to view and disable it.

Google Search Results Will Now Show Events in India

Google will now help you in finding out the events happening around you and then choosing the perfect one to spend your time! All you need is to search from Google app or mobile web browsers.

Complete Guide on Using Backup and Sync Tool to Upload Folders, Photos and Documents

Google recently introduced a unified desktop solution for uploading your photos & documents. We take a close look at setting up and using Backup & Sync tool to upload Folders, Photos and Documents.

Google Unveils Hire, A Job Recruitment Tool

Google launches Google Hire, a brand new job recruitment tool to help employees and small and mid sized employers in the hiring process.

Google Maps New Update Suggests Ideal Time To Leave For A Place

You never have to worry about being late if you have the latest version of Google Maps installed on your Android phone

Google Assistant Now Lets You Chat With eBay

It looks like a lot of bots are coming to Google Assistant. Ebay bot is the latest discovered which lets users quickly ask for price and worth of items. Google has announced bots for Home and now its the Assistant's turn.

How To Block Ads In Chrome Without Any Extension

Use This Trick To Block Ads On Your Google Chrome Browser Without Installing Any Extension. We Stop Data Drom Ad Servers or Providers in Network Level via Hosts File.

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