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As part of its Drive service, Google offers Docs, Sheets and Slides which is roughly same as Microsoft’s Word, Excel and Presentation. Started as web based word processor in 2006, it has come a long way with myriads of features. We use this category to write about all the productivity and troubleshooting articles on Google Docs.

2 Simple Ways To Add Your Signature in Google Docs

Signing a digital document can be a daunting task. If you are looking to sign a Google Docs document, then checkout these 2 simple ways to sign Google Docs.

Save Images from a Google Docs Document

Learn 2 simple methods to save images from any type of Google Docs document, slide or sheet. Wonder why Google has not made it easy to extract and download pictures when is it often required function.

Top 5 Add-Ons for Being More Productive at Google Docs

With addons, you can perform variety of tasks that are generally not possible with Google Docs alone. We have tested some of the them to find which are the top add-ons for Google Docs.

Creating Comments in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on Web and Mobile

Learn to use the comment feature which is a useful tool for collaboration and for providing additional information on documents. Previously, commenting was available only for desktop but now you can use it in your mobile app for Google productivity suite - Docs, Sheets and Slides. 

How to Link Previous Pages or Paragraphs in Google Docs

Create a anchor point for your readers when you want them to navigate to any previous page or paragraph without using scroll bar. Also use this technique to add "Back to Top" link in Google Docs.

10 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Google Docs

New unknown features of Google Docs. Easy sharing, Google Translation, Share ideas instantly, Collaborative editing, Inbuilt Research & Define tools.

Real Time Collaboration and Editing with Updated Google Docs Android App

The best things to happen in mobiles is real time editing collaboration with your friends on Google Docs with Android.

Convert PDF into MS Word format using Google Docs

No frills with this free service from google whcih unlocks and converts even the protected PDFs.

Read or Embed Documents Online with Google Docs Viewer

Google offers extremly easy tool to view or embed documents in popular formats such as pdf, excel and doc online in your browser.

Sync and Backup Google Docs with Your Desktop Files

Backup your Google Docs on your hard disk on your computer and make real time synchronization with cloud and desktop for worry free living.

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