Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Gtricks! What kind of name is that?
Gtricks stands for Google tricks. Our aim is to provide simple and useful tricks for Googleverse.

Q. Why do we need Gtricks?
There is more to Google than meets the eye. The Big G is influencing our life more than ever before. From internet search to emails, from maps to efficient working, Google is everywhere. If you look at the number of products that Google provides, it becomes very evident that Google is slowly turning itself as Online Operating System. Google products have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Hence, we launched Gtricks to learn more about Google products. The bottom line is to make most of the Google products.

Q. What are the topics that Gtricks covers?
All the popular web products of Google plus few important ones from Android platform.

Q. Do you have a newsletter?
In late 2015, we launched a weekly newsletter that contains all updates and announcements from Google in an easy to read format. We named it “Google This Week!” newsletter as it contains all updates in the previous week. We send it out every Sunday to 9000+ readers (Dec. 2015). You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Q. What happened to the forum?
We used to have a forum till 2015 however, we had to close it down to due to numerous spams and hacking attempts.

The initial thought process while starting the forum was that an interactive platform besides blog was necessary to discuss Google, understand different problems and allow other users to answer them. Google already had support forums but it lacked genuine answers. Moreover, there is no consolidated source of news about Google. Therefore we divided Gtricks into a blog and a forum, where the blog will feature ever-green content and forum will feature news and troubleshooting tips about Google.

Now, we directly notify users for new updates and solve their problems on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Q. Who is the founder of Gtricks?
Abhishek Mandloi maintains this blog. You can find him on Google Plus here.

Q. What is the story behind Gtricks?
Our first personally and casually written article helped someone on the internet and we were moved by the kindness. We wanted to help someone again. So, we started series of useful articles. That random act of kindness mixed with our controlled thoughts led to Gtricks. You can read the complete story here.

Q. How old is this site?
Unfortunately, there are multiple answers depending on when do you want to start counting. The first blog post was made in 2007 on a personal page at BlogSpot. We bought the domain in 2008. We moved to WordPress in 2009.

Q. How do you monetize? Why are there advertisements?
Initially, there were no advertisements because everyone hates them. However being a blog, we were left with few choices that pay for our web hosting bills. Therefore we implemented Google Adsense on some pages making sure that advertisements are relevant and unobtrusive.

Q. Do you accept guest posts?
Most guest posts link to untrustworthy sites and are written for SEO purposes. Therefore, we discourage guest posts. However, we welcome genuine articles about Google products.

Q. Can I become an author at Gtricks?
Definitely. We are looking for writers who are passionate about Google and love helping others out.

Q. Can I reprint your article on web/newspaper/magazine?
Though we would like to spread knowledge, we do not like plagiarism at all. Reprinting is strictly not allowed. However, you are free to quote articles given that you attribute with proper links.

Q. Do you have any other projects?
Yes! Initially, when we were learning web, we have made –
Text Heart Generator – where you can make beautiful ASCII heart art with your input text.

Flip Generator – where your text characters looked flipped or 180 degrees rotated

Q. What technologies do you use?
This blog uses WordPress and forum used to have Vanilla platform. Both are Open Source Software available free to download.

Q. How can I make sure that I get all Google information?
Simple! Join us.

Q. Is Gtricks available on Mobile?
Ours is a responsive design meaning it works seamlessly on all platforms and on all devices.

Q. What are your statistics?
At our peak, we had more than 2,00,000 pageviews/month.

Q. Are you associated with Google?
We are enthusiastic Google fans trying to show our love by teaching the world about the better use of Google services. We are not affiliated with Google or its services in any way (though we would want to). Also, read the disclaimer.