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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

Google Adds Ad blocker To Developer Build Of Chrome – How to Get it Now

Though Google is often called an advertisement company, it seems that they want to establish that they favor its users at all cost, by having a native ad blocker on Chrome.

Enable the New Bottom URL & Navigation Bar in Chrome

Get Chrome for Android's newest change that moves the URL bar to the bottom & enables a brand new bottom navigation bar which vastly improves usability.

Replace URL Of A Website With Custom Key Shortcuts In Chrome

If you visit a lot of websites on a daily basis then you might find difficult to remember all the names. Here is how to replace them with simple shortcut keys that you type on the address-bar that converts into longer URLs.

Quickly Launch Websites & Shortcuts Using Text Macros

All out of space in your bookmarks bar for shortcuts? Create text macros using Chrome's built-in feature to quickly launch websites & other shortcuts.

How To Block Websites From Accessing Your Location In Chrome

Some websites ask for your permission to access to your location by sending a prompt. This might be a harm for your privacy. Here is how to block.

How To Auto Close Downloads Bar In Google Chrome

Are you constantly annoyed by the downloads bar in your Google Chrome browser that stays there until you manually close it? Well, here is a solution to automatically close downloads bar it when the downloads are done.

Keep Your Clipboard in Sync Between Desktop & Android Devices

Switching between devices constantly? Learn how to keep your clipboard in sync between your desktop & Android devices using this free service.

How To Use Multiple Facebook And Twitter Accounts In Chrome Without Logging Out

Are you someone who has multiple accounts on Facebook or Twitter and struggle by jumping between browsers or logging in and out? Then this trick is for you.

Launch Your Favorite Android Apps From Google Chrome

Want to run Android apps like Twitter from the desktop? Learn how to launch and test any Android app from Google Chrome using Google's ARC Welder tool.

How To Block Ads In Chrome Without Any Extension

Use This Trick To Block Ads On Your Google Chrome Browser Without Installing Any Extension. We Stop Data Drom Ad Servers or Providers in Network Level via Hosts File.

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