How to Create an Email List in Gmail To Send Bulk Emails

How to Create an Email List in Gmail To Send Bulk Emails

Karrar Haider

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  1. Steve says:

    Well, you left out one HUGE change in the “new and improved” Google Contacts.

    In the OLD Google contacts, you could designate any email in a contact to a mailing list. So if you have contact (“IBM” as an example), with 10 different email addresses for different departments at IBM, you could designate from a drop down in the label, which email address you could assign to any mailing list.

    In the “NEW” enhanced Google Contacts, that option was REMOVED. Which is ridiculous. Assigning contacts to a mailing list when that contact contains multiple email addresses, makes it all not workable.

  2. Steve Burford says:

    Your how to worked perfectly. Huge THANKS!!

  3. Victor Ogbonnia says:

    Thanks Dude, You’ve been of great help in terms of my Gmail account management.
    The guide isn’t just ordinary, It genuine.

  4. Margalit says:

    my gmail list is 950 people. I always divided it into 2 by putting all the names in 1 e-mail (bcc) highlighting half of the list…cutting it and pasting it into another e-mail. Now I have forgotten how I did that. Do you know how to do that????

  5. Kenneth E Bourque says:

    Using Gmail in Windows 10, when I click the “to” button, I can not see all of my contacts in the list and I can’t scroll to see the rest of them. I only have about 30 names in the list. How can I scroll down the list to see all of the names?

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