6 Ways to Switch Between Gmail Accounts

How wonderful it would be if you can switch between multiple Google accounts by click of button. Often we have to sign-out one account and then sign-in into another, but now there are plentiful options available to switch automatically.

I have two Gmail accounts, one is for personal use and another for all other purposes. It’s quite frustrating when I need to change from one to another. I have always wished that I would have not made two Gmail IDs and if I can combine them then my lot of time could be saved.

Most of us have made this mistake but we can overcome it by very simple tricks:

Simplest Option : Use Multiple Browsers

Use Internet explorer (IE) for one Google account and Firefox for another. But the option is limited to number of browsers present in computer.

Use Greasemonkey Script : Google Account Multi Login

This is by far easiest method to switch between multiple Google accounts. Though its simple but requires Firefox and Greasemonkey.

Steps to install Multi Login Script and to switch between different Gmail accounts:

1) Install Greasemonkey on your Firefox.After installing, verify whether it’s enabled by checking smiling face monkey in bottom status bar.
2) Install Google Account Multi Login Script from here.
3) Now, log in to Gmail and you will see sign-out link replaced by Gmail switcher box.


4) From the drop down, click add account.
5) Add as many as accounts you want and switch over then in single click.

Use Firefox Addons

CookieSwap enables us to login into multiple accounts for Google and yahoo.
Gmail Manager is specialy build for gmail and provides other information too along with account switching.

Use Multiple Firefox Profiles

Though it is not so convenient but there are other features like different set of bookmarks that makes it worth.
Limitation: you have to open many Firefox windows with different profiles depending on number of accounts.

Use Incognito Mode Of Google Chrome Or Inprivate Mode Of IE8

Since Incognito/Inprivate mode stores cookies separately and deletes them after closing window, you can open at most two Google accounts.
After opening your mail account in Google chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N to enter into Incognito mode. Now you can access your another email account from this window.

I would recommended using the Multi Login Greasemonkey Script for single click account change and Gmail Manager addon for switching as well as other information on the fly. Increase Productivity And Save Time. The Gtricks Way.

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This 5 ways to switch between google accounts are really helpful. Its nice that you have given list of options to swich so that users have wide range to swap.

Its Great

Thand & REgard


we are using the google account and running very well

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