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  1. coolboi says:

    Thanks this was very helpful :^)

  2. kooler says:

    This info is wrong. You cannot make an account using another vendor’s email account. All the options are on the google account screen and no error is issued but no confirmation email ever arrives in the inbox.


    • Anon Y. Mous says:

      I did it just fine. I got the account verification e-mail right away.

    • Lewis says:

      No it’s not. I’ve done it before but the phone verification you can’t seem to bypass anymore sadly.

  3. Mahendar says:


  4. bill smolenske says:

    I have tried this for over an hour and Google will not let me use my regular email. There is no “more options” . When I try to put in my email as required, it rejects it saying “username is taken”.

    • Nan says:

      I had the same problem. I had a youtube account with my regular email address. Now I can’t access it, so I’ve lost all the bookmarked videos I had. I don’t get a “more options” either. So fed up with frickin google. Not everybody in the world wants to use their stupid service.

  5. bhagat singh says:

    Good idea

  6. name says:

    google asks for your phone number to verify. if i don’t want to provide my real email why would i want to provide my phone # — so G00gl3 can sell it lol

  7. thabo france says:

    I need you’re help to create YouTube account

  8. beryl says:

    Very, very helpful! i sure do appreciate you and your work

    Do you know a way around google’s demand to send a 2nd verification of a new google account by text message when google’s respnse is “That number has been used too many times.” and it’s the only one i have access to. No one here to help. How would i request that they use on of my gmail accounts to verify “it’s really” me? Which i think is just a snooping tactic.

    • Karrar Haider says:

      I haven’t dealt with such an issue before honestly, but have you tried using the Google Authenticator app? It might let you complete 2FA without this issue. I am not sure though.

  9. notsayintodaybud says:

    Uhh I don’t get a “more options” button.

  10. Dia says:

    i did it several times and after verification and personal information it keeps telling me that i cannot create an account because there are age limits. I am a grandmother for crying out loud and this stupid thing keeps rejecting my account.

  11. Osakwe Stanley says:

    I want to start

  12. Addmore says:

    It would be good advise

  13. Jean says:

    Maybe this worked back in 2018, but as of today 06/14/2021 it doesn’t work at all. There is no “More Option” button to click. Still trying to figure out how to sign into YouTube without using a gmail account.

  14. dar says:

    IT DOES WORK!! thank u so much !!!!!!!!! u dont need to look for the more option cause u wont find it !after u click on sighing in u have an option to fill in ur NONGOOGLE account now am connected with a non google account

  15. john says:

    i need youtube

  16. PC403 says:

    Youtube was good til the google slimbags took it over, then force you to get gmail to use it [ i never did ] now taking our freedom speech away, tampering with news feeds, and tracking every where you go online.
    Google,facebook,twiter,tictoc, and others are not your friends, their money loving power tripin scum period.

  17. Hi i like to text and youtobe info by copy and paste link create comment.

  18. mitch says:

    The point in using a separate email account is to avoid dealing with google which is notorious for harvesting your information. Doing this doesn’t help because you have to give google your info before you choose a different email.

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