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12 Responses

  1. coolboi says:

    Thanks this was very helpful :^)

  2. kooler says:

    This info is wrong. You cannot make an account using another vendor’s email account. All the options are on the google account screen and no error is issued but no confirmation email ever arrives in the inbox.


  3. bill smolenske says:

    I have tried this for over an hour and Google will not let me use my regular email. There is no “more options” . When I try to put in my email as required, it rejects it saying “username is taken”.

  4. bhagat singh says:

    Good idea

  5. name says:

    google asks for your phone number to verify. if i don’t want to provide my real email why would i want to provide my phone # — so G00gl3 can sell it lol

  6. thabo france says:

    I need you’re help to create YouTube account

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