Android Flashlight Not Working? Here are 6 Possible Solutions

Karrar Haider

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  1. Liz says:

    I tried all of these, but it didn’t work. Do you have any follow-up tips on what I could do?

  2. Shrey says:

    My Smartphone flashlight works only when I plug it in to charge. or when I want to use the camera app to click a photo. I’ve rebooted, tried safe mode, reset the settings in General management, but to no avail

  3. Eiapopeia says:

    Deleting the camera app settings surprisingly fixed the problem for me. Before flashligt worked but the icon for camera flash was grayed out in the camera app.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Nick says:

    Installing a 3rd party flashlight app fixed both the camera app and the built-in flashlight on my LG Stylo 4. That is some weird s**t.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’ve tried everything on my lg premier and my flashlight is still not working. How do I fix hardware problems?

  6. shab says:

    my flashmlighg is still not fixed with the above solutions

  7. EBUKA says:

    After all this ,us not working

  8. harpreet singh says:

    Even after phone reset flashlight is not working and camera always opens in front mode

  9. Peseth says:

    Hello! A Realme 5i problem 3 apps can reset or running, factory reset also can’t work same time!
    Before update system all Ok, after update like that. How to reboot or write program ios?

  10. Whizdomo says:

    I restarted my infinix smart 4 and my camera flashlight is working again..Thanks

  11. Zyle says:

    My flash light/torch disappeared from my phone, then my camera stopped working, it even went far such that I couldn’t update a WhatsApp status or taking any picture from all my camera apps..I honestly don’t know what made it disappear, I’ve tried everything, nothing seems to work

  12. Boris says:

    I tried safe mode! and then restart it back again and problem solved!! thanks a lot for this guide!

  13. Saad Ullah says:

    I have recently installed a new ROM. Flashlight app is missing and other such apps are not working. Help me.

  14. Jairus says:

    My infinix hot 5 felled inside water and it’s flashlight refuse to work, I have service the phone properly buh it still refuse to work, any solution please??

  15. ibrahim abolaji says:

    Thank you bro my phone fell inside water while the flash light was on gave me some issues when it started working back the flashlight wasn’t working then I came to your website and saw instructions on how to fix the problem I restarted my phone and downloaded the flashlight app and it worked immediately thanks for your help

  16. Meet says:

    First solution is working… thank you

  17. Larry Lawson says:

    On a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, after the last update to Kernel version 4.19.113-23204498, the flashlight stopped working. Any flashlight won’t work. It’ll come on for a second, then off. Interestingly, one flashlight with multiple settings for a blinking time WILL work, but a constant on will not. That’s the rub…. clearing data/cache, etc. won’t fix this. Everything else seems to be working ok after this update on 21 Dec 2021.

    • Gabi says:

      I have hte same problem. on for 1 second then off even though display says its on. 4 different apps.

  18. Jeff Warila says:

    I typed an entire explanation of my difficulty with my flashlight and my comments keep deleting themselves?

    My flashlight doesn’t work either and I can only attribute this to demonic interference as I have had issues with my phone being possessed in the past

  19. Jordan says:

    I tried everything to reset my. Flashlight and nothing is working the only thing i am not do is manual factory reset the phone is saying that i got to contact the organization administrator

  20. Abdalla Ali says:

    Tried everything but still not working

  21. Alf says:

    Going off the report of it working only when charging, I tried opening my camera app with it sitting on an inductive charger, and the camera worked. The flashlight worked also. But when I picked it up, the camera and flashlight kept working. I’m pretty sure if I reboot it, it will fail again but I bet opening it again while charging will at least temporarily fix it. I think the fingerprint scanner might be loose or dead, but everything else works.

  22. sowjanya says:

    Thanks for this help my flash light started working after this. I worried alot because of this. Thank you.

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