20 Handy Tips for Organizing your Gmail Inbox

organize gmail

organize gmail

It is obvious that you are using Gmail as your primary mail (else you won’t be reading this article) and though you may or may not be getting hundreds of mail daily, then too it becomes extremely important to organize it. Why? Because it would help us in the longer run. As we all know, Gmail is the most feature-rich web-based email application on the planet. With Gmail, you can save all of your email in the same box, label them and do things which are absent in others. Here are some 21 useful tips to help you on your way!

1. Integrate multiple email accounts
Take all of your email accounts and put them together under the Gmail umbrella so you don’t have to switch back and forth.

2. Choose the ‘Send Mail as’ option
You can pick what email address you’re sending your emails out from. You never have to leave Gmail.

3. Create multiple email addresses
Gmail only recognizes the letters in an email address. You can place a period (.) anywhere on the left side of the @ sign and it will still go to the primary email address.

4. Backup your messages
Set up your filters and rules to forward important emails to another account so you can keep track of them.

5. Star your important emails
Place a star on the important emails that you receive so you can easily find them later.

6. Use labels (a lot)
You can create custom labels to easily sort your email. Make a label for mailing lists so you can have all of the threads in one place.

7. Archive your messages
You can move email out of your inbox without deleting it by moving it into the archive.

8. Use notes
If you have a note or list of instructions that you need to refer to often, write a draft email and it can be easily found.

9. Use filters
A filter is a rule placed upon incoming email. If you receive lots of email from a list, you can use a filter with a label and put that email into its proper place even before you see it.

10. Add a picture
Let people know who you are by adding a picture to your Gmail. This is a great feature to use when you are trying to be consistent with your branding.

11. Set a personal level indicator
Gmail offers a feature where you can quickly tell which emails were sent to you and which ones were sent to you and others.

12. Set up standard responses
Become more automated by creating standard automatic responses to emails instead of typing the same thing over and over.

13. Show previews
With Gmail, you don’t have to leave the application to investigate a Youtube video or Picasa picture. You can receive a preview right there.

14. Adding a plus
Instead of [email protected], your address can become [email protected] That way, you can more readily track where your email is coming from.

15. Muting conversations
You can mute conversations if you have no interest in them by pressing ‘m.’ You will still be able to see the email in ‘all mail,’ but you do not have to see the follow ups if you don’t want to.

16. Use the search feature
The search feature allows you to find anything in your inbox quickly and easily.

17. Make sure you’re attached
Gmail searches for the word ‘attached’ within your outgoing email and makes sure that you are sending a file with it.

18. Use keywords
If you want to make your email easy to find, add some searchable keywords to it.

19. Add a custom signature
With Gmail, you can add a signature to all of your outgoing email.

20. Use the keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are essential for any Gmail power user. C is for compose, j and k for moving up and down, / to search and z for undo.

21. Color your labels
Add custom colors to the labels that you place on your email to make it stand out.
Integrate these tips into your repertoire and you will soon be a master of all things Gmail.

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Dear sir please solve my problem
my mail box size is very small please gives the trick increase the mail box size

Tips to effectively use mail space or increase email size

#. Archive old mails. This facility is available in both, gmail and outlook.

#. Empty ‘Trash’, that is where your deleted mails go.

#. Delete mails from ‘Sent’ folder which are not necessary.

#. if using outlook, compact data files.

#. In outlook its a good idea to change data files if they have grown over 1 GB.

#. Search for large attachments in Gmail and delete them.

I would like to be able to sort by sender. Why can’t I do this in Gmail?

dear gauaravkumar
Try http://lifehacker.com/5662849/find-big-mail-sorts-your-gmail-attachments-by-size-for-easy-clean+outs
This post gives a link to the free “Find Big Mail.” I have used it and it is great. After I have finished using it, I keep its categories in my Gmail labels, in case I need to use it in the future.

@Robert – Gmail works in different way. The way of organizing things is completely different in Gmail which once you become use to, is very efficient method. Generally Gmail groups similar messages and sorts mail by date.

If you want other functionality, try this Sort Gmail by Sender, Label and Size

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