Android, the phone operating system which some claim was developed by Google, in fact, was acquired by Google in 2005 from a little known company Android Inc. and released in 2007. Based on Linux, this OS sets the foundation for Alphabet in mobile and IoT devices. In this category, we publish about gems related to Android and mobiles.

Enable the New Bottom URL & Navigation Bar in Chrome

Get Chrome for Android's newest change that moves the URL bar to the bottom & enables a brand new bottom navigation bar which vastly improves usability.

Backup Call Logs & Text Messages to Gmail

Learn how to backup call logs & text messages effortlessly to your Gmail account using this free Android app.

How to Go Incognito on Android Keyboard Using Gboard and SwiftKey

Are you concerned with privacy and password security? If you don't trust your OEM's keyboard go incognito on Android keyboard so none of your keystrokes are recorded.

Transmit Music & Other Audio via the Phone’s Earpiece Using This App

Are you in public without earphones and want to play a really cool track to your friend? Use this Android app to transmit audio via the phone's earpiece.

Lightweight Browsers for Laggy Android Devices

If you're using a low or a mid-range device, you may have noticed a general slowness in browsing. These are the top two lightweight browsers for laggy Android devices with low memory consumption.

Keep Your Clipboard in Sync Between Desktop & Android Devices

Switching between devices constantly? Learn how to keep your clipboard in sync between your desktop & Android devices using this free service.

Copy Text from Any App on Your Android Device Using This App

It's frustrating when you want to copy a piece of text from an app but Android just doesn't let you long press. This app lets you copy text from any app.

Use the Volume Key to Scroll Through Your Favorite Apps Without Root

Volume scroll is especially handy if you're using gloves or have wet hands. This Android app enables the volume key to scroll though any app without root.

Stitch Multiple Screenshots & Capture Long Websites on Android

Want to capture long conversations or a lengthy web page in one image? You can now easily stitch multiple screenshots or capture web pages on Android.

How to Spoof Your Location on Android Quickly Without a Root

If your phone's GPS unit is faulty or would like to try restricted apps, here's how to spoof your location on Android without rooting the device.

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