How to Subscribe Particular Category or Label of a Blog by Simple Trick

Are you wasting time reading topics that don’t interest you? Do you subscribe to a blog expecting more articles from particular category? But all you get is articles from different topics that you are least interested to?

RSS subscribe particular categoryIf the answer of these questions is Yes, then you can use a simple trick to save time and subscribe to your favorite blog with only particular topics. Most of the times, we subscribe to a blog after finding some articles very interesting or the topic very useful to us. However, that blog may have articles on many other categories or labels and we end up with too much useless or unread content. The following trick will help you to subscribe specific category RSS feeds:

Get Updates or Subscribe to Particular Category for WordPress Blogs

To subscribe to particular category or topic for a wordpress blog, you have to append feed after the category URL. That is

For example, at Gtricks we call categories as topics. So, if you want to receive updated for articles about gmail then you need to subscribe to :

Subscribe to Specific Label for Blogspot Blogs

To subscribe RSS of specific label your link structure should be: Name

For Example: Google blog posts for mobile label can be found at
To subscribe to this label, you need to enter the following URL into address bar

This trick will reduce the number of unread items and you will only be enjoying topics of your interest in your feed reader.

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