Readers of Gtricks, Help me to redesign this blog

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Ever since 2008, we have been serving you with fresh ideas and latest happenings on Googleverse. Fresh ideas make us happy and we are sure that they prove to be very useful for your day-to-day lives.

As you must have already realized, we are passionate about Google as much as you are. Therefore, we are making design changes on your favourite unofficial Google blog to make some connect with the big G.

Below is the picture of the new designed homepage. We need your help. Tell us your opinion on Facebook page, or through twitter. Tell us what needs to be changed? what you didn’t like? what you loved? what’s wrong with this change?
Gtricks_layout 5

Home Page (Click to enlarge this image)

Individual pages (Click to enlarge)

We would love to hear your feedback and opinions about this new design in comments, on Facebook page, or through twitter.

White background, minimalistic design, lots of white space, grey contrasting colours are some of the elements of new Google and Gmail. We have taken our inspiration from these changes after incorporating Google colours, Gtricks is all set for huge UI changes. We are also making some strategic changes on home page where you can directly browse through different categories.

In case, you are wondering about design capabilities, this is the fifth redesigning effort we are doing. Earlier we had pure white, navy blue, dark and sky blue themes. I have released a vanilla forum theme Nebula too. This time, our philosophy is “less is more”. Do let us know your opinion on new theme. Cant wait to listen!

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Its All Perfect Buddy……:)

Looking Nice.

Looks cool, Abishek! Increasing the width of the text area might help improve readability, but that’s just my opinion.

Go ahead with new design..looks very elegant and refreshing. :)

looks good, just modify the footer.

Seems like you working on your resource pages..!! Good work…Looks neat and clean..also show us mockup of single post…

change those icons, else rest is fine.

The overall design is wonderful. I like the look and feel of it. Colors are nicely combined and blended.

The only thing I would advise you to consider is giving more space or emphasis on the latest posts. I don’t think only 3 of them with only text links are displayed well enough. You should at least add some images near the links so they get more deserved attention.

Looking forward to seeing the new design.

The site redesign looks great! Looks almost like an official Google site.

I wish the individual pages had dates on them. I found this site via a search and was reading about a neat GreaseMonkey script. I then went to check the script and saw it hadn’t been updated since 2008. There’s no way to know if a post here is still current and valid or completely out of date.

Would be helpful.

@Mike Thanks for the feedback. Can you point out the old page so that I can find an alternate solution for the script.

One good piece of advice I can give you about typography is to go check out Google’s global fonts which can be used in any design, without any Javascript or any other manipulations whatsoever.

The only thing you would need to do is include a call to Google’s CSS file in the header of your page.
It”s amazingly easy to implement and functional. Fonts will work across 90% of web browsers without any problems. And for those that do not support them (old IE), you can just specify to use Arial or some other general font, as you normally would.

Some of the fonts are especially well designed for titles of your posts. See this example of one font with amazingly nice look:

You can find the whole collection of available Google’s fonts here:

I’m giving you this recommendation because I am currently working on a design for my blog, and I’ve implemented these fonts. I’m really satisfied with the look and functionality.

I can design your site I have designed many sites earlier…………………………….
Is also designed by me……………………………….
Waiting 4 reply…….
Cont. me on facebook –

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