Beautiful Google Street View Pictures

Aaron Hobson, a cinemascope artist has come up with beautiful pictures from all around the world collected through Google Street View cars. GSV is a technology that lets you explore streets of the world through 360-degree panoramic angles. This is very helpful for finding your way through the city or for spotting that right place. Google Street View is accessible through both Google Maps and Earth. But no one have ever thought that GSV is capable of collecting artistic beautiful and mysterious pictures from the secluded rural areas.

The beauty of these images is that some professional photographer did not take it but a mechanical eye mounted on GSV cars. First sight to these images makes it doubtful to believe but a closer look at the blurred out faces confirms the fact of these as computer processes images. Aaron has taken trouble to find them and made a collection on his site.

Previously, Google also highlighted some of the famous landmarks on the GSV on this gallery. If you are in mood for some unusual and unique images then you can also see Jon Rafman’s collection on Tell us in your comments if you spot any uncommon sightings. And Indian readers, you need not to be disappointed. Google Street View is coming soon in India.

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