Difference Between Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth

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  1. Ophir says:

    Nice piece, but I think you’ve missed a bit on Earth.
    Check the history of Keyhole Inc.

  2. Karli Anderson says:

    You can also throw My Maps into the pot. I love that I can overlay a map I’ve made in My Maps over regular Google Maps to help with navigation. My Maps is amazing for planning a road trip or travelling. And in combination with Google Maps and Google Earth, it’s the ultimate tool to prepare yourself before your adventure begins.

  3. Eric Whiting says:

    I’m interested more in how the two are different from the viewing perspective (literally).
    I use google for architectural and city wide studies, where the imagery is used in conjunction with 3D design software. In 3D mode, Maps has a very shallow field of view – almost isometric. However Earth’s viewer is a much more wide angle camera lens with distinct vanishing points.
    In essence this allows the viewer to feel more “inside” any space.

    My question is what are ….if anyone knows…the focal length of the view difference?

  4. Eric Whiting says:

    After a little searching I found a part of my answer.
    Google Maps has a field of view (FOV) of 60 degrees which is a focal length of 31.2MM.
    I have yet to test this, but it sounds about right.

    Now I wonder what Google Map uses?? And for that matter what the streetview camera uses??

    • Abhishek says:

      Woah, that’s really impressive detail about Google Maps. I don’t know what Google Street View uses but most probably it would be better than the counterpart.

  5. KathleenDeV. says:

    On my 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tablet i have Google maps and Google Street view . The Application manager tells me i am running out of space although i have an sd card with 15GB of space , but it will not take either of the 2 Apps . So i have to delete one . Will you please advise the best one to keep? Thank you .

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