How to Write, Edit or Delete Google Reviews or Local Contributions

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  1. Spaghooter says:

    You are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to help.

  2. Leslie Brisman says:

    I am terrified about reprisal to reviews posted with my full name. Is there a way to change the way the reviewer is identified in the review?

    • That’s a valid concern, Leslie.

      Unfortunately Google does not give you the option to post reviews as anonymous. Previously, there was an option to chose between writing review as anonymous user or as your logged-in profile. Now, Google is forcing all to use real identities. What you could do is create a dummy Google profile by signing up with Gmail and use that account to review without any repercussions.

  3. Franco S says:

    I posted a comment last month on a companies google maps page, I was angry with them so worth the review. I now want it deleted but i have forgotten my log in details now the account is blocked. Please help me get the review taken off.

  4. Mabel Amber says:

    @ Abhishek Mandloi:

    You write ” Unfortunately Google does give you the option to post reviews as anonymous.”

    Guess you omitted to add *not*: “does *not* etc.

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