How to Add Rich Text Email Signatures on Google Inbox

Inbox by Google has been a great success, the design and ease of use it brings to our email accounts are fantastic. However, compared to the standard Gmail interface, there are some things that are still missing from it and one of such feature is rich text email Signatures, which is limited to only text. Here, we give you a workaround for adding or importing images, links and formatted text for Inbox signatures.

Default Option for Email Signatures in Inbox

Google’s option to add signature is absolutely basic with no text formatting tools at all. For a simple text based signature, you can click the little hamburger icon located at the top left corner and head into settings. Turn on “Signature”, type in the text and you’re done!

Inbox by Google Signature Settings

Adding Rich Text Signature from Gmail to Inbox

Now let’s move on to adding a rich text signature with links and formatted text. The easiest way is to copy it directly from Gmail. Go the Gmail and open the settings page. Under the general tab, find “Signature” section.

First, make a signature if you haven’t already and copy it by selecting all and pressing Ctrl+C. Head over to your Inbox account and get in that Signature setting again, paste it there with Ctrl+V. Hit “Done” and You’re all set!

Gmail rich text signature

Rich text signature in Gmail with image, link and italicized words

You now have an attractive signature on your Inbox account too. While writing an email, you won’t get a preview of that signature, however, it will be added automatically once you send it.

Inbox by Google rich text signature

Direct copy-paste from Gmail signature makes the Inbox accept rich text

Using “Gmelius” Chrome extension to importing Gmail signature and settings in Inbox

Gmelius is a free Chrome Extension which lets you perform some astonishing actions you couldn’t generally on Inbox. First of all, go ahead and install it from the Chrome store.

Once done, Gmelius will add some new items in the left drawer of your Inbox account, tap the “Gmelius settings” and under the “Getting Started” tab, hit the “import” button which will basically, import all your Gmail settings and data including signatures to Inbox.

Now, under the “Compose” tab, turn on “Email Signatures” and we’re done. You can even check the tiny box underneath the switch to add a dotted line with your signature.



Gmelius, however, is much more than just adding signatures. It lets you block email tracking tools option for which is available inside “Messages” tab, you can display a new message counter through the Inbox settings, display a cleaner left drawer and more. It’s completely free of cost, give it a whirl and discover more. Do note that this extension is still in beta, as a result, there will be minor hiccups at times.

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That was all, hope your problems for adding rich text signature on Inbox is now resolved.

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You can also use http://www.Gmelius.con that lets you add signatures into Inbox (it offers a bunch of other features)

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