Change your Default Gmail Account in Multiple Sign In

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  1. gary says:

    you are so wrong on this. you might wanna recheck your conclusions here

  2. John says:

    If I log out of the accounts and then sign in anew, will I lose the contacst and emails I have in my gmail?

  3. Joan says:

    I have tried this 10 times this morning, and it hasn’t worked. My work email login keeps coming up as the default sign-in. I can’t delete both accounts as I do not ‘own’ the work email (work uses gmail as its email ‘provider’). Logging out of work email and logging in with personal gmail makes no difference. When I log out of personal gmail, close Chrome, then reopen my Chrome home tab set, the gmail login defaults to work email. AAARGH!!!! This is despite the fact that my personal gmail shows as the default email. Why can’t Google give users a simple check box to change it permanently????

  4. df says:

    Good lord why doesn’t The Google give us a simple way to do this?! Why should we have to go searching for an answer. But thank you for the help.

  5. Trevor R says:

    Confirmed, this totally works. Thanks very much, nice little trick that really saved me some trouble!

  6. Tim Bird says:

    As of 2020, there’s no “sign out” option any more.

  7. Hussnain Ibnan says:

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  8. Hamad Zia says:

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    Thank you

  9. Soniya says:

    My Google account hacked halp me
    My account

    Halp me

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