Change your Default Gmail Account in Multiple Sign In

I recently did a format on my laptop and installed Google chrome again. During the sign-in to Google, I used my work account which was different than the one used on my previous chrome. And this caused me a bit of trouble with the default sign-in. Now every time I went for using my Gmail, it started with my work mail. I use my personal mail more often than my work mail, so to open my personal ID I had to switch to my personal ID each time since my work ID would open by default. This problem occurs because the account you log in with first in your Chrome is set as your default account to access everything.

Change Default Google Account

Most of us usually use multiple accounts for different purposes. Google offers you the feature of multiple sign-in using which you can juggle between your accounts simultaneously. Multiple sign-in is a versatile feature for switching between multiple accounts, but still it lacks a ‘set as default’ option which would help us out of this issue.

Learn How to Update Your Account Order

If you have set an auxiliary account as default by mistake you might face the trouble of switching to the one you need more often. Follow the steps below to change your default account.

STEP 1 – Open in your browser. You will find the default account which is open at the top right of the screen.

Click to change the default account


Note: Make sure you are not in ‘Incognito mode’. Or else the setting you change are not going to be applied permanently.

STEP 2 – Sign out of all the accounts you have signed in with. You can do that by clicking on the profile icon on the top-right corner and then click log-out. Do this for all your account.

Sign out of existing account


STEP 3 – Now Sign-in with the account you want to set as default and then add other accounts by using the add account option. Click on the same profile icon to get the option of ‘Add account’.

Click to add new accounts


Voila! You have successfully changed your default Gmail account. With this your account used in other products like Maps, Drive etc also changes. You can do this in any browser you use. You can also have the option of creating a shortcut of your account on your blank page. But still it is better to change the default account for convenience. We can hope that in near future, Chrome starts handling multiple accounts without the need to logging in for different accounts, similar to our Gmail app. But for now it will only slow down your browser as it starts loading all your accounts at once.

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you are so wrong on this. you might wanna recheck your conclusions here

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