How to Delete Contacts with No Numbers or Names in Android

Contacts list in our Android phones has grown rapidly in the past couple of years. As a result, they are overflowed with useless items including nameless contacts or contacts without any numbers at all. Moreover, if you sync contacts with Google, you get tons of contacts from Gmail and Google+ without any contact information except their email address or profile links. Is there a straightforward way delete contacts without numbers or names without messing with Google Contacts?

Clean Contacts Based on Availability of Name, Number and More

Enter Contacts Cleaner, a simple app that lets you clean your phonebook based on various conditions ranging from whether there’s a name or an email address present in contact fields. The app also offers options to quickly erase multiple contacts, perform merging and even backups.

Deleting contacts with no numbers

Once installed, launch Contacts Cleaner and through the main screen and head over to “Clean Contacts”. There you will find several filters to choose from. If you need to delete contacts who are without names and numbers, just check those fields. Click the “Preview” button on the bottom right corner to proceed and preview the results before trashing. It will ask you for a backup just in case things go sideways, I would advise that you go for it. You can then choose specifically which contacts you want to delete and press “delete” at the end.

Once done, go to your Android settings > Accounts > Google > Contacts and start syncing by taping on it. Now all of your Google accounts will be cleaned as the app has deleted empty contacts. It is same like deleting from Contacts/People app but at a much faster rate.

Erase, Merge or Extract Images from Multiple Contacts

Contacts Cleaner also comes packed with a couple more handy features that you can make use of to make life easier.

erasing multiple contacts

Entering the “Erase contacts” page from the main menu will show up all your contacts. You can select which ones you want to completely erase from the list and move forward. It’s pretty straightforward thanks to the simplicity of the app, although, it is in a serious need of a design overhaul.

To merge different contacts, head into the “Merge contacts” page which will reveal the list containing items matching the criteria. You can tap on a particular contact to check details and proceed by clicking the arrow present on the bottom right corner. It is same as Google Contacts Find Duplicates function.

Note: Always backup or keep originals from the settings before you decide to merge or erase multiple contacts.

As a bonus, this app also allows you to extract images from contacts if you need that for some reason. It is accessible from the “Extract Image” option in the homepage, you select the contact images needed and it will pop them out for you.

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Good app for deleting unwanted contacts collected over a period of time to synchronise with Google account. But the merger function is not working to reduce duplicates.

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