Introducing the new WOW theme for Gtricks : Feedback Required

gtricks wow single page

Your favorite Google Tricks blog has now become more beautiful and wonderful with the new WOW theme from The Wowmakers. The new design is user centric with better navigation options and optimized for fast loading times. While designing we had only two things in mind: it should be fresh and should provide consistent user experience.

What prompted us for new design –

#. Its not 2008 anymore and we needed better stunning yet clean blog.

#. Google has made several changes in their styling and designing philosophy. We being their biggest fans wanted to get inspired by it.

#. The newly launched Gtricks Forum has to be integrated with the blog.

Being a new theme, there might be few chunks of leftover code and bugs. Please report them if you come across any.

We would love if you can give your honest opinion and candid feedback about this theme.

gtricks wow single page

The major changes of this new theme are –

#. Emphasis on categories as many users pointed out that they would love to read all tricks about a topic at a single page.

#. Better integration with the forum where we discuss unofficial news and solve users problems.

#. Optimized and clean code for faster loading.

#. Less ads; more content.

#. Mobile friendly. Check out at

The guys at Wowmakers have done fantastic job in preserving the value of this blog soul yet providing a simple and fresh feel. More about them later. For now, my internship is about to end and I will be active on blog and forum very soon.

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Filed under General. Posted by Abhishek on 4th June 2012.

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New theme looks better than old one. Just one thing you forgot, the button in contact page looks weired.

Loved new theme. I always liked something with more white space.

Blue is the color you should have kept as base.

Finally released :)

* Categories don’t exist (redirect to About)
* Latest Blog Articles should also have More button

@Madis Can you please elaborate the first bug?

Very nice!
*It’d nice, if you could increase the number of thread from 5 to 10 in “Recent Discussions in Forum”
*It’d also good if you can make two vertical list of topics in “Topics” it’ll short the height of the box.

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