Download and Use Free Material Design Icons

Google’s Material Design have brought a drastic change in their services’ with beautifully contrasted colors and interactive animations. With the alternation, came icons crafted to match the rest of the ecosystem. Google has made all the icons available for free on their websites, here we tell you how to download and use them.

Download Free Material Design Icons


To download the Material themed icons, head over to Google’s repository. Scroll down and you’ll discover tons of icons available to use. You can either search using the toolbar or select the one you need by actually scrolling which will obviously consume a lot of your time. Once you do that, a horizontal bar will appear at the bottom containing the icon’s name and a couple of options you can adjust.

Tip: If you need to download all the material icons, head over to this link.

You can specify the size, whether you want a black or white icon and finally, you can download them either as SVG or PNG format. Unfortunately, there are only two color variants available. However, you can use SVG Editor to customize an SVG icon and alter shades for the same.

Change Material designed icons’ color using SVG Editor

To modify icon’s color on SVG editor click on the bucket icon on the bottom and select the desired color. Tap the icon image after importing it from the SVG-edit dropdown on the top left corner. Once done, export it from the same drop down we saw before. If you need to edit icons locally, you can download SVG through this link.


Google has published an in-depth guide for using these icons on their Github page. It also includes licensing details, iOS/Android code snippets to get started and a couple of methods to implement material icons on your website with examples.

That was all. Let us know if we missed something in the comments section down below.

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