Create EPUB Books and Read Them on Google Books

Google Play Books comes with an absolutely fantastic interface especially for those who read on a daily basis. Although, wouldn’t it be better if you could upload any file on it? Sure, but how do you do that? Google allows you to easily upload your own files and read them across all your devices. Here we walk you through the steps of doing so.

Upload any PDF/ePub file to Google Books

First of all, you’ll need to upload the file to Google Books. You can either upload a PDF or an ePub ( EBook format ) document. If you have a Doc or a Docx file, it can be easily converted to PDF through any online tool or on the contrary, we would recommend turning it in ePub format.

To convert a Doc file into an ePub file, you’ll need to upload it on Google Drive and head over to Google Docs past that. There, you’ll find the document among other files, open it and through “Files” option, download it as an EPUB publication. Now that, you have a file that you would like to read on Google Books, let’s move on to uploading.


To upload the desired file onto Google Play Books, open the “My Books” section in your account and tap on the “Upload files” button. Drag the file on Chrome or browse for it on your computer. Once the upload process completes, you’ll be able to read on Google Books app whether it’s on your mobile or the website.


Read EPUB/PDF files on Google Books

If you’re reading on your phone, the newly added material will be available in the “My Library” section in the left drawer. Make sure you’re logged in with the same Google account, though. On the website, you can find them on the “My Books” page.

Screenshot_20160326-133802 (1)

Features including the “Night Light”, “Bookmarks”, “Text settings” will all be supported when you open the particular book, document or anything else. Personally, I love the smooth page animation it brings to the table, something which any other application fails to offer.

That was all. Do let us know if we missed something in the comments section down below.

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