Happy 4th Birthday, Google Chrome!

Although it may seem that too little time has passed, now Chrome web-browser is celebrating its 4th birthday with great news, related to its acquired status of the most widely-used one among the rivals.

To say, such considerable growth in popularity has been affected by multiple factors and hasn’t happened in a moment, of course. To start with, the overall users’ love towards Google and its products couldn’t but influence the increase of Chrome’s fame, and the more well-known the whole company became with time, the more highly appreciated its featured web-browser got.

Moreover, no matter what Firefox fans and admirers might state, for instance, Chrome is, undoubtedly, convenient in usage. It’s got intuitive interface and is rather simple to customize, depending on one’s personal preferences.

Furthermore, it’s also due to the efficient marketing strategy, which led Google Chrome to the top. Not only hilarious Google Doodles attract our attention every time each brand-new of them is presented, but the somewhat irritating offer to select the browser as the default one turns out to really be working.

To celebrate their 4th anniversary, the Chrome team has also launched interactive timeline to showcase their innovations and progress since inception.

All things considered, it has taken the whole 4 years for one of Google’s most successful products to become this prominent in different parts of the world, and even the most skeptic analysts won’t argue that such state of things is absolutely justified. As for us, users, it all starts and ends up with overall benefits we get, so apparently Chrome has got more advantages, than its competitors, if we choose it to access our online services, like Facebook, Twitter, 4shared, New York Times or any other news web-pages.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Chrome!

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Filed under General. Posted by Andy and last updated on September 6, 2012.

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