Large-Scale Plans: Google Fiber

It’s true that Google has already turned to one of the most spectacular online services in the world from a mere search engine, having already presented its numerous advantageous products to the public. Yet, the company’s headquarters aren’t, obviously, planning to stop the global expansion; on the contrary, the latest news reveals the opposite trend.

What Google Fiber is about

Being an innovative IT enterprise in its essence, Google is known to provide users with a plenty of online services and options, still some of its plans for the future are related to ISP niche. Entitled as Google Fiber, the introduced project is aimed at developing the unique infrastructure of the internet network on the basis of so-called fibre-optic technology.

The peculiarity of the project lies in its geographical limitations, as it’s going to cover only Kansas City, at least at the first stages of the realization, where Google plans to introduce Internet and Internet+TV packages for users, and for now, the initial registration is required from residents, who are willing to try the fresh service.

Is it gonna be successful?

Even though relatively little time has passed since the very first news about upcoming Google Fiber, a lot of discussions have already spread around it. Some experts state that at least a few years are required to make the infrastructure work, whereas others, in fact, doubt that the prospects are somewhat worthy of putting efforts into it.

In a whole, the audience has divided into 2 major opinions: 1) Google should stick to the development of its basic services and 2) Google should expand its influence on to all spheres of IT industry, – and both outlooks has the right to exist.

I’d rather presume that any reputable company, no matter if it’s Google, Microsoft, or more specific like Facebook, or 4shared we’re talking about, the increased number of offered options is always great, as long as each is a high-quality one, right?

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