How to Print Only the Content of a Web Page

We seldom make use of the print option on our browser now as digital documents have been becoming standard. However, whenever we do, it’s not always required to extract the entire content from a website especially when an article is concerned. So, how do you filter web pages before printing? Here we discuss some straightforward ways to achieve that.

Printing Simplified Web Pages With Chrome’s Inbuilt Settings

Google has provided a neat little filter in the printing options that riddles out everything except the text. When you’re on the page you want to print, press “Ctrl+P” which will bring up the Print interface. There, you’ll find three check boxes under the “Options” section. The first one that is “Simplify Page” will remove every graphic from the document and present you a simple text file. Using the “Headers and Footers”, you can either keep or discard the respective header and footer. Finally, “Background graphics” keeps or eliminates texts’ background formats.


Now, let’s move on to a much-advanced alternative.

Editing Web Pages Before Printing Online

Chrome’s offering is fairly basic with only three options, however, PrintWhatYouLike web application lets you customize web pages before printing like a pro. Once you load the website, enter the URL and hit start. You’ll be greeted with an endless number of tools from fonts to personalizing individual components.


#. If you hover and select any component like a paragraph or button, you’ll get some tunings through which you can remove, widen, save, isolate that specific part. Multiple selections are also available here. For instance, you can pick more than one paragraphs and remove them all together.

#. On the left panel, you can perform some text formatting and choose whether to display images, background or margins.

#. Finally, you can add pages to that file and save them a PDF or an HTML document.


You can even download the application’s Chrome extension and Firefox add-on if needed. The user interface PrintWhatYouLike provides can definitely get a bit clumsy and probably won’t suit a normal user. Hence, there’s a third alternative.

Printing the Content Part of a Web Page With “Print Friendly” Chrome Extension

Lastly, we have “Print Friendly”, a free easy to use Chrome extension/Firefox Add-on that lets you print only the article part of a web page without complicating the process. Once you install the tool, you’ll get a little green print icon on your extensions tray.


Head over to the web page and click the icon. It will pop out a window where you can either remove images or eliminate specific parts like paragraph by tapping on them. After you’re done editing, you can either print, email or save as PDF.

That was all. Let us know if we missed something or you’re stuck at some step.

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