Fix Automatic Page Scroll Jumping on Chrome for Better Reading Experience

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  1. Dennis Chastain says:

    Even with scroll anchoring enabled, my Chrome browser continually scrolls up and/or down several pages, at will. I have tried every fix I can find, to no avail. It’s infuriating. Any search centered around a phrase such as “Google Chrome scrolls up or down by itself” brings up numerous links, all of which give instructions on enabling scroll anchoring. It’s enabled. It still scrolls all over Hell and half of Georgia.

    • I am sorry scroll anchoring did not work for you.

      – Can you explain your problem in detail?
      – Does this happen on Chrome or Firefox/Safari too?
      – Are only few sites randomly scroll or all the websites has this problem?

  2. Siyang Liang says:

    I am having the same issue. My infinite scroll auto scrolls for ~2000pixels when adding/removing a big div. This doesn’t happen on FireFox and Safari.

    I tried the “Scroll anchoring” solution. It doesn’t help at all.

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