Patent Wars: Google Finishes One of the Battles Against Oracle

It’s quite the common fact that the competition on the contemporary IT market is getting only more intensive with time. The numerous patent wars, in this respect, appear to be an additional factor to get more scores in the struggle for users and, certainly a useful tool to defend the company’s rights and, perhaps, earn considerable sums of money in court, if the judge/the jury will make the favorable decision.

One of the patent wars, in particular, has attracted a lot of public attention – the one between Google and Oracle, namely Oracle’s claims regarding certain Java patents, allegedly infringed by Android. Although this struggle started back in 2010, the court’s verdict has received much wider coverage, than the formerly ongoing trial. The official court’s decision states that the mentioned patents haven’t been infringed, yet that doesn’t, perhaps, mean that the whole war has been already won by Google like this very battle.

Are there others on the battlefield?

Undoubtedly, the most widely-discussed patent wars are those between Motorola Mobility (again, owned by Google now) and Apple, or Samsung and Apple, for instance. The latter case, as you might have heard, includes not just the technical aspects of creating mobile devices, but the design peculiarities as well. Obviously, the functional side of Galaxy Tabs and iPads happen to differ, at least as far as the OS and the included default apps are concerned (e.g. there’re 4shared featured apps in Samsung tablets). At the same time, it would be really wrong to say that the devices’ design isn’t similar at all.

In a whole, not all patent wars on the IT market are well-known to the open public, and one will certainly be shocked, how many of them are in process today. In this respect, the most curious experts working with have created an infographic, which clearly displays the whole patent-war picture. As it turns out, the fight for either users, or money, or both is at full swing and will, apparently, stay so until the profitability of IT industry isn’t as high as it is now.

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