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What if you only want to save only relevant or important data from a web-page and not wish to bookmark the the whole website.This seems like a smart move from bookmarking, not collecting the other crap but only the important material.

Here are some of the best highlighters which enable you to save only wanted content from any website :


Clipmarks.com – Cutting clippings out of newspapers and magazines is as old as printing, but until Clipmarks came along, it was just a dream on the web. The service will allow you to tag, store, organize the “clips just about any way you want to. You can then share snippets of Web pages by email, on websites, and more. An amazing tool for any number of uses.


Diigo.com – Diigo will let you highlight sections of a page, post a note about why you needed it, make it public or private, send it to friends and so on. As they say, they allow you to do everything you could on paper.


Firenoodle – An extension for Firefox that turns your browser into a whiteboard for web pages. Mark up a page, and if you register for membership, they’ll remember everything for your next visit.


i-Lighter.com – With just one-click your highlighting a portion of a site and saving it to your notebooks or folders. You can then organize them as you need, email snippets to a friend, or publish them to your blog with just a command.

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