Top 5 Websites to Combine the Power of Google and Bing

So, you are a big fan of Google but you also admired the effortlessness of Bing. Here are the top five websites from where you can combine and compare Google and Bing results at same time.

These websites could be of great use to you. Especially, if you could not decide which of these result to trust. You can compare results from both, Google and Bing side by side. More ever, they would be very helpful if you could not find accurate searches by any of search engines.

1. BINGLE = Bin + gooGLE

bingle – Such a innovative name, Bingle. The first three letters from Bing and last three from Google make Bingle. Through this, you can search images, videos, maps, shopping, and news at same time from both Bing and Google. The presentation is beautiful and there are no sponsored ads.

2. ASKBOTH – Why google or bing? Just ask both!


Askboth – As the name suggest, this service lets you to compare Google and Bing results side by side. This service is unique in terms that you can directly search for images in both search engines. The only annoying thing that I found was the twitter strip in between the results.

3. MIXXR – Compare Google, Bing, Yahoo and Twitter


Mixxr – In addition to Bing and Google, this service lets you search Yahoo and Twitter simultaneously.

4. BLACKDOG – Compare in same time in different languages


BlackDog – Through this, you can directly compare search engines Google and Bing in different languages in the same page which is something hard to do in other services.

5. BING-VS-GOOGLE – Compare Results side by side


Bing-vs-Google – All the tools above display search results in vertical position, however, Bing-vs-Google has a option to display results in horizontal fashion which would be useful for large screen computers

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Ahem.. Nice Article! Both bing and google have their Own strengths.. A combination would be certainly something noticeable…

Actually I am not using bing frequently. I did a search engine project in Post Graduation and the project was a Search engine combined with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I only use google, but this will be good to test out bing as well!

Its good to hear from you about the mixed result seach.

thank you for sharing the article.

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