Transmit Music & Other Audio via the Phone’s Earpiece Using This App

Are you in public without earphones and want to play a really cool track to your friend? Use this Android app to transmit audio via the phone's earpiece.

Lightweight Browsers for Laggy Android Devices

If you're using a low or a mid-range device, you may have noticed a general slowness in browsing. These are the top two lightweight browsers for laggy Android devices with low memory consumption.

Google Rolls Out New Photos And Drive App

Google has now rolled out a separate Google Photos and Google Drive app for both Windows and Mac OS and you can now backup your files from anywhere!

Google’s New Chrome OS Update Is More Touch Friendly

Google has released a new update for its desktop operating system, the Chrome OS. The update is designed specifically by keeping touch friendliness in mind.

How To Use YouTube In Your PC Without Your Mouse

This version of YouTube is much easy to use than the classic version of YouTube on your PC and the best part you only need your keyboard to use this!

Keep Your Clipboard in Sync Between Desktop & Android Devices

Switching between devices constantly? Learn how to keep your clipboard in sync between your desktop & Android devices using this free service.

How To Use Multiple Facebook And Twitter Accounts In Chrome Without Logging Out

Are you someone who has multiple accounts on Facebook or Twitter and struggle by jumping between browsers or logging in and out? Then this trick is for you.

Send Directions to Your Phone from a PC via Google Search & Maps

Find a great restaurant while browsing from a PC? Google lets users easily send directions to your phone straight from its search & maps page.

Launch Your Favorite Android Apps From Google Chrome

Want to run Android apps like Twitter from the desktop? Learn how to launch and test any Android app from Google Chrome using Google's ARC Welder tool.

Copy Text from Any App on Your Android Device Using This App

It's frustrating when you want to copy a piece of text from an app but Android just doesn't let you long press. This app lets you copy text from any app.

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