Google Adds SOS Alerts To Maps And Search

Google will now send you SOS alerts if there is a natural disaster near your location. You can also search using Google to get relevant information

Establish Your Online Identity by Creating a Google Profile

Ranking high in search results & discoverability is important for new freelancers & small businesses. Here's how to easily create a Google profile.

Replace URL Of A Website With Custom Key Shortcuts In Chrome

If you visit a lot of websites on a daily basis then you might find difficult to remember all the names. Here is how to replace them with simple shortcut keys that you type on the address-bar that converts into longer URLs.

Backup Call Logs & Text Messages to Gmail

Learn how to backup call logs & text messages effortlessly to your Gmail account using this free Android app.

Google Stores Screenshots Of Your Searches : How To Disable It

Google is now saving your search activity and the websites you visit from the Google search app as screenshots. Here is how to view and disable it.

Quickly Launch Websites & Shortcuts Using Text Macros

All out of space in your bookmarks bar for shortcuts? Create text macros using Chrome's built-in feature to quickly launch websites & other shortcuts.

How To Block Websites From Accessing Your Location In Chrome

Some websites ask for your permission to access to your location by sending a prompt. This might be a harm for your privacy. Here is how to block.

How to Add Multiple Email Aliases in G Suite

It's important for many businesses to keep things like HR, advertising & other things separate. Here's how to create and manage multiple aliases in G Suite.

Google Search Results Will Now Show Events in India

Google will now help you in finding out the events happening around you and then choosing the perfect one to spend your time! All you need is to search from Google app or mobile web browsers.

Complete Guide on Using Backup and Sync Tool to Upload Folders, Photos and Documents

Google recently introduced a unified desktop solution for uploading your photos & documents. We take a close look at setting up and using Backup & Sync tool to upload Folders, Photos and Documents.

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