Control The Individual Volume of Each Tab in Chrome

Startled by videos playing at very high volumes? Control & boost the volume level of individual tabs in Chrome using these two extensions.

Control Gmail With Custom Keyboard Shortcuts & Just a Number Pad

Are you proficient with a number pad? Use the built in Labs feature to control Gmail with custom keyboard shortcuts to execute multiple tasks quickly.

Google’s New Sidebar Menu in Search

Google's testing a new sidebar with handy shortcuts to saved items & other settings in an attempt to compete with Facebook's own feature. We take a closer look.

Display More Than 10 Results in Google Search

Google Search by default shows only 10 results in every page. By using this simple trick, users can browse up to 100 results in every page.

How to Clear Cookies from Specific Websites

Do you clear all your cookies when facing issues with a site? Save yourself the trouble of re-entering details by clearing cookies from specific websites.

Google Adds Ad blocker To Developer Build Of Chrome – How to Get it Now

Though Google is often called an advertisement company, it seems that they want to establish that they favor its users at all cost, by having a native ad blocker on Chrome.

How To Upload Your Files To Someone Else’s Google Drive

If your Google Drive Storage is full and you want to share your files with someone who has plenty of storage in their account, then this trick is for you.

Enable the New Bottom URL & Navigation Bar in Chrome

Get Chrome for Android's newest change that moves the URL bar to the bottom & enables a brand new bottom navigation bar which vastly improves usability.

Quickest Way to Identify Spoofed Emails

It's crucial for users to identify spoofed emails from banks, private organisations & their workplace. Luckily there's a Gmail Labs feature to help with it.

Google Expeditions Standalone App Launched

Google Expeditions is a standalone Android app. It could be used to virtually visit popular places around the world using a VR device.

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