Here’s How To Set Default Video Quality On YouTube

Here’s How To Set Default Video Quality On YouTube

Karrar Haider

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  1. Dick Richers says:

    I couldn’t find mention of when this article was written (bad form! lol) But I can assure you that YouTube’s default resolution playback is not necessarily tied to the quality of your internet connection. I’m hardwired into my modem and can instantly and effortlessly stream 2160p content from any number of other content providers. Indeed, when I manually select 2160p from YouTube it plays perfectly with no buffering or hiccups at all. Bandwidth is money and Google is inconveniencing their users on purpose just to save a few bucks. It’s the exact opposite of “Don’t be evil” which Google officially removed from its code of conduct some years ago.

    • Daniel says:

      They also default to SD resolution at the start of every video, regardless of other factors. I have a stable 10 Gbps connection, and quality is never downgraded during playback for me. Still, the first 10 seconds of every video will play at 480p, at which point it will switch to the highest available quality. It’s very annoying to have the first 10 seconds of every video be a blurry mess. It would be an easy fix for YouTube, especially as I tend to be logged in to my account.

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