Google Calendar: Little Known Ways To Get More From GCal

Very few of us use Google Calendar in our daily lives. The foremost problem is that most of us aren’t familiar to it and we couldn’t figure out the difference between GCal and a outlook/desk calendar. However, there is more to GCal than meets the eye.

Google Calendar can prove to be a productive resource by saving time and organizing stuff. Let’s look at some of the little known facts that will help you for certain :

Google Calendar Links : Login into GCal

You can use the following links to login into GCal:

or just click this link on top of Gmail.


Get GCal on Your Mobile

You can use google’s calendar in your mobile phone by this link :

Now, you must be wondering, what’s the use of GCal on mobile when you already have one on phone? The next section answers this.

Synchronize Your Mobile Calendar with GCal

There are two ways to sync your mobile calendar with GCal. The official application synchronizes your calendar alerts and contacts with Google account. You can get it here. However, this application works with limited phones.

The unofficial java application synchronizes your phones in-built calendar with Google’s Calendar and it works with most of the phones that support java apps. You can get it here.

Get Outlook Calendar in Sync with GCal

You can download the official and free application to synchronize GCal with Outlook from here.

Else, you can use this paid application, which provides certain additional features but comes with the price.

Learn to Stay Organized

This mashable tutorial gives you a quick lesson on how to stay organized on GCal.

Use Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Definition Action
? Shortcuts menu
Brings up a menu of keyboard shortcuts
c Create Event Allows you to create a new event.
/ Search Places your cursor in the search box
p or j Previous date range Moves your calendar view to the previous date range
n or k Next date range Moves your calendar view to the next date range
t Jump to “Today” Moves you to the current day
d “Day” view Displays your calendar in the “Day” view
x Customized view Displays your calendar in a customized view
w “Week” view Displays your calendar in the “Week” view
m “Month” view
Displays your calendar in the “Month” view
a “Agenda” view
Displays your calendar in the “Agenda” view
q Quick Add
Opens “Quick Add”
s Settings
Brings you to your Google Calendar “Settings” page

Event Keyboard Reference

Shortcut Key Definition Action
Enter Expand Expands a collapsed region
Tab Next field Moves your cursor to the next field
Alt then s Save Saves the event

Make a To-Do list with Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk provides 2 gadgets for making to-do list in your GCal.

The Sidebar gadget lets you add new task, edit existing ones, easily complete and postpone tasks. You can get it here.

The daily gadget adds a small icon to the top of each day and provides same features but for each day. Get the daily gadget here.

Get GCal on to your iGoogle Page

Add this Gadget to use GCal on to your iGoogle Page. http%3A%2F%2 %2Fgow%2F gadgets%2F gdcalendar.xml

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