How to import a CSV file to Google Calendar

excel csv

One of the easiest medium for importing and exporting is a CSV file. These files have each attribute value separated by comma and hence called Comma Separated Value File. Calendar, tasks and contacts applications commonly use these files. However, a small syntax mismatch can cause the error during importing and exporting.

Google is very strict with the CSV format, especially the header. For successful import of the file, you must have at least two header labels:

Subject & Start Date – Minimum amount of header information.

With the above limited information, Calendar will mark all day long event for the start date on the said subject.

Now to create a CSV file, open MS Excel or Google Spreadsheet and make Subject and Start Date as two column headers. More information can be added for convenience under the headers Start time, End date, End time, All day event, Description, Location and Private. Use this shown file as a sample.

excel csv

Some important points to note –

#. Time should be entered in the 12 hour xx:yy AM/PM format.

#. Date should be entered in mm/dd/yyyy format.

#. All day event and Private can be blank, true or false. If you leave it blank, Google will assume the default values for the event.

For Example: Dinner, 05/31/2011, 6:00 PM, 05/31/2011, 10:00 PM, False, Don’t forget gift, La Tamaz, True

import calendarOnce all the entries are done in subsequent rows under following headers, click file –> Save as and select file format as CSV. You file is now read to import to Google Calendar.

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