Google Calendar


Started as a supporting web app in 2006 for Gmail, Google Calendar quickly rose to become an independent and popular app on web and mobile. Don’t take its old archaic UI as a simple and limited tool, Calendar app is filled with powerful features which we tell in this category.

Revamped Google Calendar UI for Desktop Spotted in Leaks

An update to the Google Calendar UI for desktop finally brings in the material design style for the users. Read more to find out what's new.

5 Google Calendar Tips you Should Know About

Despite Google Calendar being a popular service, these are some of the important tips most users out there miss.

Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Press ? in Calendar page to see all shortcut keys. Here is comprehensive list to increase productivity via keyboard shortcuts.

How to import a CSV file to Google Calendar

Learn how to use Comma Separated Value files in correct format which are very useful for import and export between different applications.

Export Google Calendar Events to Excel Files with Gcal2Exel

Download all your Google Calendar meetings, appointments and events to Microsoft Excel format with Gcal2Exel

Google Calendar: Little Known Ways To Get More From GCal

Useful tricks, tips and links that help you to be more productive on GCal.

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