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I am a huge fan of keyboard Shortcuts which helps me doing my job faster and smarter. Google Calendar also employs some of the keyboard shortcuts like GDocs and Google Reader though not in comprehensive manner. But then too you should by heart them to save time for not playing with the mouse navigating around.

Few of my favorite shortcut keys that are absolutely important to learn are:

  • q to quickly add a new event
  • c to compose a new event
  • j and k to move between time and events (same for Gmail and Google Reader)
  • d for Day view, w for weekly view, and m for monthly view.

Complete comprehensive list:

Shortcut Key Definition Action
k or p Previous date range Moves your calendar view to the previous date range
j or n Next date range Moves your calendar view to the next date range
r Refresh Refreshes your calendar
t Jump to ‘Today’ Moves you to the current day
1 or d ‘Day’ view Displays your calendar in the ‘Day’ view
2 or w ‘Week’ view Displays your calendar in the ‘Week’ view
3 or m ‘Month’ view Displays your calendar in the ‘Month’ view
4 or x ‘Custom’ view Displays your calendar in the ‘Custom’ view
5 or a ‘Agenda’ view Displays your calendar in the ‘Agenda’ view
c Create event Allows you to create a new event
e Event details Allows you to view an event’s details
Backspace or Delete Delete event Deletes the event
ctrl + z / command + z or z Undo Undo last action (if possible)
/ Search Places your cursor in the search box
shift += or + Add a calendar Focus on ‘Add a calendar’ text box under ‘Other calendars’
q Quick add Opens “Quick Add”
ctrl + p or command + p Print Prints the current view
s Settings Brings you to your Google Calendar settings page
ctrl + ? / command + ? or ? Keyboard shortcuts menu Brings up a menu of keyboard shortcuts

via Google Support

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