How to Get Outlook Style Gmail for Enhanced productivity

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  1. Julie says:

    These tips are great, thank you. Do you know how to create a rule to keep our ticketing software from assigning tickets to out of office messages?
    In Outlook you can easily create a rule. In gmail….not so much and it’s very frustrating

  2. Pete Johnson says:

    I just started attempting to use Gmail after years of using Outlook. Haven’t been very successfully. I am finding Gmail much more limiting and missing several features that I assumed were default features of any email app. The most baffling is that Gmail does not provide sorting email by subject, sender, size, etc… This seems similar to having an address book that sorts by date/time the contacts where entered, but not sorting by name…
    Also I have not (yet) found a simple way to create “rules” to guide or route incoming email to certain folders (labels?). I see the above article about being able to enhance Gmail with features found with Outlook. The listed process may very well work, but wouldn’t it be simpler (and cleaner) to just use Outlook and add a Gmail account to Outlook? This would give you the actual desired features of Outlook versus simulating features in Gmail. I have been pulling my Gmail into Outlook for years, along with mail for other email such as yahoo, msn, Hotmail, etc… Unless I am overlooking something, or until an updated version of Gmail is related, I must remain with Outlook. Does Gmail even have anything similar to rules?

    • Abhishek says:

      Absolutely agree here. If you are using Outlook for years, you will appreciate the finer details and rich features which are not available with Gmail.

      For a casual user, gmail works but if you run your business on email, then Outlook is absolutely necessary.

      By the way, you can integrate Gmail to your Outlook application. Not the best way to do things but centainly better.

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