[Problem] Email Address Drop-down Suggestions Appears Even after Deleting

One of the annoying problems with Gmail is that even after you delete an email address, it still appears as drop-down suggestions, when you start typing name in “To” box.


This problem is not as simple as it looks. Even hitting the delete key after highlighting the suggestion will not work. And most of the times, when you delete the email address from “My Contacts” list, then too the name or email address pops-up as soon as you start writing/typing in “To” field for sending messages. This problem can be easily solved by following method:

Step 1: Click on “Contacts” on the left sidebar of Gmail. Now select the option “All Contacts”. Gmail has two depositories for email addresses. One is “My Contacts” which you have imported or have saved previously. The other is “All contacts”, where ALL contacts are automatically saved if you have send them a mail previously, though you haven’t added them in your contact list.

Now, from “All Contacts” find the name/email address of the person and manually delete it.

Step 2: Log out of your Gmail account and clear the browser cache.

Now, the deleted email address won’t appear in Gmail address suggestions and will protect you from sending a mail accidently.

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I’m having a somewhat similar problem. I use a separate email address, but I only use it for things that I don’t want others to know of. Normally, I only use it on the incognito window but I apparently forgot to do it once, because now whenever I start to enter my regular e-mail address to sign in, the “secret” e-mail shows up in the drop down menu. Is there a way to clear that and other form suggestions? I’ve already tried turning off search query suggestions as well as clearing browser data (cache, history etc).

I’m having similar problem as Ray have plz help us

Thank you for posting this!!! I had thousands of e-mail addresses over the past 10 years that I have been unable to get rid of!! So glad I found your posting!

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