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Google never fails to amuse its users. By Recursion trap, Doodles and Easter Eggs Google always have some interesting stuff to keep its users happy. This time, Matt Cutts shares latest Easter egg in Reader.

For those of you, who didn’t knew about Google Reader Easter egg – There is a secret Ninja mode of reader which can be activated by pressing keys in certain sequence.


The key combination is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a.

The latest Google Reader Easter egg is hidden inside the “Like” button. In the ninja mode, the “Like” button changes into “Heart” and when you click on it beautiful hearts pop-up. Clicking on “Heart” button again (or disliking the feed) makes pop-up hearts to break. Try yourself to view the magic effect.


PS: The above key sequence is also known as Konami code in honour of popular video game, Contra .

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