4 Desktop Google Reader Client Softwares to Choose From

Most people prefer Google Reader for online subscription to websites and it is indeed the best web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline and even for static websites. However, desktop clients offer certain advantages over web based clients like the ease of use, capability to work offline, better features and similarity with stand-alone applications.

These desktop clients can help to better organize and manage your feeds, and can act like a proxy. That is, if Google reader is blocked at your workplace, still you can check all your feed subscriptions by synchronizing Google Reader with these desktop clients. Other reasons to use desktop software client for Google reader include :

  • You can read subscriptions even when you are offline.
  • You get better speed for browsing in a software then in online Google reader.
  • Better search and sorting capability in desktop clients.
  • And you can easily customize software, based on your requirements.

Let us look at the best, top-in-class and free Google Reader Desktop Clients that you can choose from:

FeedDemon: The Best Desktop Based News Reader

FeedDemon is the best RSS Reader for Windows. Its free and its easy to setup. FeedDemon provides lots of customization options that others lack. Some of the useful features of FeedDemon are:

  • GReader synchronization, so that you share same content across different places.
  • Sharing capabilities, to share interesting articles with friends.
  • Tagging, for easy management of feeds.
  • Watches, for instant notifications of your pre-defined keywords.
  • Searching, for easily finding your missed feed.
  • And automatically downloading of Podcasts.

Download FeedDemon from here.

RSSBandit: The Outlook Styled Desktop Client

RSS Bandit offers a Microsoft outlook style browsing pane to view all the subscribed feeds. If you are the email person, and spends most of the time on MS outlook, then you won’t have any trouble in understanding and using RSSBandit.

The latest version of RSSBandit will have facebook integration and office ribbon. Its open source and synchronizes seamlessly with Google Reader and NewsGator Online.

Download RSS Bandit from here.

Desktop Google Reader with Pretty Notifications
Desktop Google Reader software

Desktop Google reader
is a very basic, uncluttered and easy-to-use desktop client for GReader. It has beautiful notification system and the application allows you read, share, tag and star items of feed.

Download Desktop Google Reader from here.
For Mac Users: Gruml Desktop Application

Gruml is a GReader desktop app for Mac OS X. It works pretty much like Google Reader except that it is your desktop app. It remains in-sync with GReader all the time i.e. any changes done in Reader or Gruml is reflected in other in real time. It also allows you to tag, share and post your feeds.

Its still in beta, that means it is not stable or perfect yet but pretty much useful.

Download Gruml app from here.
Bonus: Official Google Reader Gadget
If you are gadget/widget type of person, then this utility developed by Google engineers in their 20% time, is just made for you.

Unfortunately, it works only with Google Desktop. Download it here.

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You’re clearly not a Mac user. Otherwise NetNewsWire would have been on top of your list regarding Mac apps.

A top 4 list does only makes sense, if it’s for a single OS. Otherwise you’ll end up leaving out too many alternatives, which may suit your better.

For a proper Mac review you probably also missed Times, Headline, NewsFire and Vienna. Each has it’s very own way of presenting feeds.

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