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Google Reader is all in one full-fledged feed collector. A single window for all updated contents from your favorites websites/weblogs. Like any other Google product, the Google Reader enjoys innovative features such as sharing, tagging, auto-sorting etc.

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One of my favorites is keyboard shortcuts that help me to save time by quickly reading the list without touching mouse. On the Google Reader screen press ‘ ? ‘ to get all the shortcuts. I mostly use j for navigating to next item, t for tagging an item and s to apply star. Also ‘g+s‘ for directly going to all starred items.

Here are some other most useful keyboard shortcuts:

j/k item down/up selects the next/previous item in the list
space/shift-space page down/up moves the page down/up
n/p scan down/up in list view, selects the next item without opening it
o open/close item in list view, expands or collapses the selected item
enter open/close item in list view, expands or collapses the selected item
s toggle star stars the selected item
shift+s toggle share shares the selected item
m mark as read/unread switches the read state of the selected item
t tag an item opens the tagging field for the selected item
v view original opens the original source for this article in a new window
shift+a mark all as read marks all items in the current view as read
1 expanded view displays the subscription as expanded items
2 list view displays the subscription as a list of headlines
r refresh refreshes the unread counts in the navigation
shift+n/p navigation down/up selects the next/previous subscription or folder in the navigation
shift+x navigation expand/collapse expand or collapse a folder selected in the navigation
shift+o navigation open subscription opens the item currently selected in the navigation
g+h go to home goes to the Google Reader homepage
g+a go to all items goes to the “All items” view
g+s go to starred items goes to the “Starred items” view
g+t go to tag allows you to navigate to a tag by entering the tag name
g+u go to subscription allows you to navigate to a subscription by entering the subscription name
u toggle full screen mode hides and shows the list of subscriptions
? keyboard shortcuts help displays a quick guide to all of Reader’s shortcuts

Even Google Reader got an easter egg :

Press : up up down down left right left right b a in default screen, the Konami code.

If you are using any other feed reader, its highly suggested to switch to Google reader for conviniency. Follow below links for instructions on exporting subscription list :

Google iGoogle
Newsgator Online
Safari bookmarks
Firefox live bookmarks

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really it is imagine post dude
I read all, this is very helpful and bt some talk i don’t understand
thx a lot

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