Export Google Calendar Events to Excel Files with Gcal2Exel

GCal2Exel Gadget Mode

Ever wanted to export/save your Google Calendar events for offline use? Why, you may be thinking. Let’s see in following scenarios where downloading GCal events might be helpful –

#. Suppose you are stuck at a place where you don’t have an internet connection. Now in this condition, if you wanted to check your event details on Google Calendar, how will it be possible?

#. Unfortunately, you forgot your Google Account password or your Google Account got deactivated. It’s not only your account that is gone but all your important meetings and future plans got demolished.

#. You are an old-school-type-guy who likes internet but prefers to keep his data safe in his hard-disk.

Gcal2Exel provides a simple answer to all these problems. With this free tool, you can export all your Google Calendar events to MS Excel spreadsheet as backup or for offline use or for tracking your activities.

As you can see from the the right-side image, Gcal2Exel offers various options to the present events. You are free to choose date ranges and even column fields for excel.

Another useful feature of this app is that you can convert multiple calendars into separate MS-Excel spreadsheets or into a single spreadsheet. So you can effectively track your timings and know on which event you are spending the most of your time.

GCal2Exel Gadget Mode

GCal2Exel Gadget Mode

Gcal2Exel offers 3 modes to export your Google Calendar. You can use any of these:

  • As a Google Gadget (the simplest way).
  • From a web page.
  • Through a Desktop Application.

GCal2Exel as Desktop Application

GCal2Exel as Desktop Application

Go ahead, try Gcal2Exel yourself. Though it’s a third party tool, the creator – Anupom guarantees complete confidentiality. It is free, open-source and trust-worthy tool. A must for every Google Calendar user.

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It’s a bit troubling that you have to enter your password into this program. Why not just feed it the exported calendar?

    Right Liegh. But the open code will greater amount of confidence than other commercial tools.

    And you will also require password for feed export of private calendars.

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