How Chrome OS will Work and the Latest Official Screen Images

Google has recently released screenshots of its upcoming operating system – the chrome OS. Along with these images, Google has also revealed some technical information regarding the project.

Google has also announced Chrome OS to be open source, which is the by far best thing about it. By open sourcing the OS, the code will be available to everyone. The developer community can add useful functions or software engineers can build utilities and tools around it.

Check out the latest prototype of Chrome OS from Google itself [Click on images to enlarge them]:




The following video talks about how Chrome OS will work and difference between Chrome browser and Chrome Operating system:

According to this video:

• Chrome OS will take only 5 to 15 seconds for booting.

• It will not have regular operating system files, which degrades with time. It will be a browser interlinked with hardware.

• All your daily computer tasks (mails, videos, docs, songs, images) will be done from the browser.

• No software installations, updates, BSOD, fix, hot patches with Chrome OS.

• Everything will be cloud operated. That means nothing (images, songs, docs etc) will be stored on your computer.

You can know more about Chrome OS user interface concept from this video :

So, what do you think of chrome OS? will it be successful like Gmail? Tell us in your comments.

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