Google Plus


The unfortunate attempt to create a social network like Facebook gave birth to this unique platform of many communities and users. Interestingly, when they pushed real hard, they achieved numbers but not engagement and now since no one is talking about it, Google Plus has started growing with heavy engagement between its users.

How to Get Regular Supply of High-Definition Wallpapers From Google+ App

Learn how to get a regular supply of free high definition wallpapers every day from Google+ with this short guide.

10 Beautiful Google Plus Wallpapers You Can’t Ignore

Simple, minimal yet beautiful wallpapers for google plus enthusiast that are definitely lovely.

Google Plus Chat Easter Egg for Nyan Cat

The very famous nyan chat is now available on Google plus as a chat emoticon

Prevent Google Plus Profile from Appearing in Search

You don't want your name or profile show up in Google search results? There is a simple solution to stop listing your profile.

Find and Remove Inactive Users in your Google+ Circles

Use Uncircle plus extension for Google+ that allows you to easily find and detect lazy friends and remove inactive users or delete them from your Circles.

Google Plus Desktop Gadget for Windows 7: G+7

G+7 is a beautiful desktop gadget software that sits on Windows 7 sidebar giving you periodical updates from Google Plus.

How to Send Direct/Private Messages in Google Plus

Google plus home screen stream is single source for direct , private, mass messages and broadcasting.

Make Google Plus Profile Banner Images

Customize your google plus profile with a banner at the top with continuous images giving a nice effect.

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