Make Google Plus Profile Banner Images

google plus profile banner images

Google plus is somewhat similar to facebook [see Google plus vs Facebook Infographic]. Both of them have profile picture gallery or banner at the top of about page that you can use cleverly to make nice effects. This is an easy way to beautify your profile page and make it more attractive.

google plus profile banner images

You can use these free tools to decorate your profile page with continuous banner –

This simple tool is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is upload an image from your computer and or from any URL and then crop the image. The only downside is that the last image will contain bannerplus logo.

Update – Another online tool was removed from this list due to request made by Bannersplus owner Steve. According to him –

The other website was a complete rip off of BannersPlus. Just three days after I launched my website, I found that they mirrored the HTML, CSS, and down to the Javascript, which was the main component of the functionality. The reason they haven’t added the watermark is because that is handled by my PHP script,which is not copy and pastable.

#. Create images manually
If you want to be more creative then you can manually create these profile pictures to showcase them in your profile. All you need is five 125×125 pixels continuous boxes. This counts for 625x125px large image. Use png or psd from here as overlay image for making perfext square boxes.

I would personally recommend online tools, which make this work hassle free, and banner can be easily made out from a single image.

How to use pictures in a continuous fashion for making a perfect banner

1) Download or make 5 perfect images on your computer.

2) Go to your Google Plus Profile and start editing.

3) At top you will find Add some photos here section.

4) Start uploading your images and you are done.

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